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Present Continuous

When is the present continuous tense used? The present continuous tense is used for actions that have started and have not yet finished. How is the present continuous tense formed? The present continuous tense is formed by using am/is/are + ing. I am eating He/She/It is drinking You/We/They are reading What are some examples? I am listening to music. She is studying for her test. They are playing football. The present continuous can be used to talk about actions that are not taking place right now, but still started before and are not finished yet. For example: Paulo wants to find a job in London, so he is learning English. My friend Jane is writing a novel. I can't wait to read it! The present continuous can also be used to talk about things that are happening around now, but perhaps not at this moment. For example: They are moving to a new house today. I am having a birthday party this year. How can I ask a question using the present continuous tense? To ask questions in the present continuous tense, write the question word, then the noun or pronoun, and add -ing. For example: Are you reading that book? Is he eating dinner right now? Are they having a meeting?

Here is a worksheet to practice present continuous tense. Students will practice forming the present continuous tense with regular and irregular verbs. This worksheet is suitable for Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, and Grade 8.


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