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30 Persuasive
Essay Topics

  1. Should students go to school five days a week? Some countries are currently considering a four-day work week and many companies have already implemented this policy. Should schools do the same?

  2. Should violent video games be banned? There is a long-running debate about whether violent video games cause children to act violently. However, this debate can also be extended. What about violent movies? Violent books?

  3. Should students have homework? It’s the age-old question. Why should students have to do homework? There are arguments on both sides. Discuss.

  4. Should hunting be banned? Food is readily available around the world (to those with enough money to buy it). Hunting is no longer necessary to produce food, nor is it an efficient way to do that. Should it still be allowed in modern society?

  5. Should extremely violent sports be banned? Do very violent sports like boxing or MMA have a place in society?

  6. Should scientists try to bring extinct animals back? It seems like a good idea to try restore something that used to exist in nature, but, as has been said in many a science fiction movie, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

  7. Should we try to contact aliens? Humanity has wondered if it is alone in the universe for thousands of years. Finding new life would completely change our understanding of the universe. However, as the “dark forest” theory points out, extraterrestrial life may not be as happy to meet us as we might be to them. They might even view us as a threat and try to destroy us.

  8. Should AI be used to teach students? AI is a hot topic these days. Will it replace teachers in the future? Would students welcome that kind of change?

  9. Should guns be banned? Some countries allow guns, but some countries do not. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each approach? Is there a middle ground that is better than either extreme?

  10. Should certain books be banned? Are there certain books that should be banned from being sold? If so, what are the grounds for banning these books and what types of books would be banned? Are there also certain books that should not be allowed in libraries?

  11. Should junk food be allowed in school cafeterias? Schools are supposed to be healthy places for children, so should unhealthy food be allowed there? On the other hand, what if students don’t want to eat the healthy food that is served…

  12. Should children be forced to take lessons like piano or ballet outside of school if they’re not interested? Some parents want their children to take lessons in swimming, playing the violin, or painting for example, even if their kids don’t want to. These things aren’t part of the curriculum at school, so is it right to make students do it? And what about things that are part of the normal school curriculum? Should students have to take a lot of outside lessons to improve their performance at school? Are parents taking away their kids’ chances of enjoying their childhood?

  13. Should the death penalty be banned? It’s the ultimate punishment. If you kill someone, should your punishment match your crime? If killing someone is evil, why is it okay for the state to do it? Should taxpayers pay money to keep someone in jail for the rest of their life? There are many difficult questions to explore with this topic.

  14. What should the legal drinking age be? Why? Most people are familiar with the results of drinking alcohol. At its best, it can provide enjoyment and/or relaxation for the drinker, but at its worst, drinking can be catastrophic. How old should someone be before they can take part in this popular ritual?

  15. What should the legal voting age be? Why? How old is old enough to make an informed decision about who will lead a country

  16. Should advertising for junk food be banned just like cigarette advertising? Eating unhealthy food can be bad for your health, just like smoking. So should advertising for junk food be banned from TV and radio just like cigarettes or is there a difference between these two things?

  17. Should Tik Tok be banned? It’s extremely popular with younger generations. It can be an outlet for creativity and a means of spreading information quickly. However, privacy concerns have led some in the US government to try to ban this app. Where do you stand on this issue?

  18. Should the age restriction on Instagram be increased to 18? Instagram is a popular way to show the world what’s going on in your life. However, staged or manipulated images can often lead to misconceptions about health and beauty. Teens are at an extremely important and extremely sensitive time in their lives. Making sure they are exposed to healthy ideas about diet, fitness, and beauty is also important. Should they wait until they are legally adults before wading into the wild world of Instagram images?

  19. Should children be allowed to play sports that can cause concussions easily? The more information that comes out about the link between certain sports and the incidence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), the more worried parents have become about allowing their kids to play such sports. Should these sports be banned for anyone under the age of 18?

  20. Should children have a limit on their “screen time”? Many parents have already decided that the answer to this question is “yes.” However, every family is different. Control of screen time ranges from free use of screens to zero use of screens. If limits are necessary, what should they be?

  21. Should all students go to college/university? Should everyone have the chance to go to college/university? Is it necessary or is it okay if some people don’t go?

  22. Should people in rich or highly developed countries pay taxes for polluting the world? Most of the world’s pollution comes from the richest and most developed countries and some of the places that get hit the hardest by the results of that pollution are poorer or less developed countries. Should the creators of that pollution give money to the countries that are affected most by the pollution?

  23. Should children do chores around the house? One of the things kids hate the most is doing chores around the house. However, parents say that it builds character and helps prepare kids for when they grow up and need to take care of themselves. Should kids help out around the house or should they be allowed to find other uses for their time?

  24. Should children be taught religion at school? Many schools around the world teach religion alongside the other subjects. Some people send their kids to these schools for that exact purpose. However, other people think religion should be kept out of schools altogether. Who’s right?

  25. Recent research has suggested that kids don’t get enough sleep. Should schools start classes later? Some schools have already changed their starting time in the morning to allow kids to get more sleep in the morning. Do you think this change will impact students in a positive way or is it just a waste of time?

  26. Will the skills being taught in today’s schools be useful to students when they grow up and start working? A common complaint among students is that they are busy learning things that they will never use when they leave school and start working. Are they right? Is there any way to ensure that the skills that are being taught in school will be useful to students later in life?

  27. Are today’s youth too sensitive? Some people believe that today’s youth are too sensitive. They think young people get offended by things very quickly and easily. Others think that people are not sensitive enough and that they cause harm to others by not thinking about the damage they might be causing someone else through their behavior. Which side do you agree with?

  28. Should citizens be required to do military service for their country? In some countries, people are required to join the military and serve for a certain period of time. Is this a good policy? Is it a useful experience for the people who do it? Is it useful for the country?

  29. Should healthcare be universal? Should all citizens of a country have access to free healthcare? Some people consider it a right that all people have, while others feel like they are paying for other people’s healthcare and they don’t like it. Which side of the fence are you on?

  30. Should education be free? This is another thing that some people consider a basic right. The counter-argument is similar to that of universal healthcare. Some people think that they are paying for other people’s kids to go to school. However, the wrinkle to this question is that most countries provide free basic education up to a certain level of education. It is generally acknowledged that it is to a country’s economic advantage to have a well-educated populace. But how far should countries go in providing this service? How much money is too much money to put into this type of service?

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