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Past Continuous

How is the past continuous tense formed? The past continuous tense is formed from the past tense of the verb be and the -ing form of a verb. I/You/We/They were (verb)ing He/She/It was (verb)ing When is the past continuous tense used? The past continuous tense is also known as the past progressive tense. It is used in several different situations. It is used for: • continuing or ongoing actions in the past Example: They were enjoying the movie so much that they didn't notice the time. • something that was happening when another thing happened Example: He was walking his dog when it started to rain. • something that happened repeatedly in the past. These are often seen with adverbs of frequency. Example: As a kid, I was always reading a book at the breakfast table. • verbs that show change or growth Example: The coffee shop was getting busier and busier. • saying how long something took in the past Example: I was studying for my English exam for hours.

Here is a worksheet to practice past continuous (past progressive) tense. It is suitable for Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, and Grade 8.


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