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Making Inferences

What is an inference?

An inference is a conclusion that is made about something based on evidence and reasoning. This is done when someone takes information about something and applies logic to this information to gain a new understanding about that thing. This understanding, or conclusion, is not stated directly in a text.

What is an example of an inference?

Evidence: Your cat is standing next to the food bowl and meowing loudly.

Inference: Your cat is hungry.

Evidence: There is a fire truck in front of your neighbor's house.

Inference: Your neighbor's house is on fire.

Here is an example of how to make inferences from a photo. It can be used as an introduction to the worksheet below so that students will know how to complete the worksheet properly.


Here is a worksheet about making inferences. An example of how to complete this worksheet is included above. This worksheet is suitable for Grades 5-8.


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