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Linking Words

What are linking words? Linking words are words that connect words, sentences, clauses, paragraphs, ideas, or sections of a piece of writing. They are sometimes called transition words because they can be used to move from one idea to another in writing. They are essential parts of high-level grammar and writing. As such, they should be studied and practiced by students who are trying to express complex ideas in a clear fashion. How do they function? Linking words can be used for different functions. They can: • show how things are similar • highlight how things are different • add information • contradict an earlier idea • emphasize something • show cause and effect • introduce examples • organize points or topics • signal in a change in topics • introduce a new topic • show that a topic is continuing • signal that a piece of writing is concluding Why should I learn linking words? In addition to facilitating the writing process and enabling students to express ideas in a clear, organized way, knowledge of linking words and the ability to use them correctly are required in the curricula of both the American and British teaching systems. They are also necessary to demonstrate facility in reading, speaking, and writing on tests such as IELTS and TOEFL.

Here is a worksheet for practicing linking words. It is suitable for students in grades five, six, seven, and eight.


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