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Future Tense

When is the future tense used? The future tense is used for things that have not happened yet but are expected to happen. How is the future tense formed? There are two common ways to form the future tense. The first, will + (root form of the verb), is generally used for decisions made near the moment of speaking. Example: I'm out of orange juice! I guess I will just have to have grape juice instead. It looks like I just missed the bus. Oh well, I will just take the next one. The second way to form the future tense is to use going to + (root form of the verb). This form is usually used for planned actions. Example: I'm going to go see that new movie with my friend next weekend. I'm going to drive to the supermarket in a few minutes. Do you want to come with me? How is the future tense used to ask questions? Questions can be asked in the future tense by using will + subject + (root form of the verb) Example: Will you finish your homework before seven o'clock? What will you do now that you've been fired from your job? To ask questions with going to, use am/is/are + subject + going to + root form of the verb. Example: What is he going to do next Saturday? When are they going to visit Grandma Rose?

Here is a worksheet to practice the future tense using going to. This worksheet is suitable for students in Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, and Grade 6.



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